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San Antonio Mass Choir Board of Directors

Dr. James Wilcox, Jr.

CEO - San Antonio Mass Choir

James offers an array of administrative and academic skills that promotes great business. With an extensive history of leading and teaching the masses, he has evolved into a leader that demands everyone pays attention to the details of the business. James recently served as Dean of Academics at Strayer University with much success in the area of leadership and creativity. He traveled extensively around the country singing the National Anthem at several Strayer graduation ceremonies.


Understanding the market today is critical to the success of the San Antonio Mass Choir, and with an ever changing demand for Christian gospel music it is beneficial for the choir to be able to store this information. James has helped design a dynamic website which is capable of communicating with our followers and fans in ways that respect the privacy of everyone yet technical enough to monitor each campaign and gather the information needed.


Having gone a step further and registering himself  to take an advanced social media marketing class, James has once again prepared himself to challenge the marketing department to excellence.


Meeting with board members and section leaders on a regular is James' way of staying fresh with ideas, up to date with current events, while remaining competitive with others and intimate to the pulse of the choir.


2016 will be the year of increase.

Sherilyn Allen-Ware

Chief Operating Officer - San Antonio Mass Choir

Sherilyn offers a wide variety of administrative, academic and social skills that promotes great business. With many years of public and private schooling experience to draw from Sherilyn is capable of handling multiple duties and responsibilities at the same time. With great success Sherilyn has been unmatched in her ability to take ideas and turn them into reality. Sherilyn is that unspoken variable in every successful business that sets it apart from its competitors.


With remarkable accuracy Sherilyn is known for having a great listening ear for vision and plans.  She thrives on having the ability to hear very little about the plans of Dr. Wilcox then implementing those plans with great ease.


She works well with those who are moving in the same direction as she is and is quick to move on when others refuse not to do so.


Having served as School Administrator in the San Antonio area, Sherilyn possess a keen sense of what it takes to lead others who desire to educate (empower, inform with knowledge and motivate through learning) those who want to learn something new. Having served as Chief Operating Officer for the San Antonio Mass Choir Sherilyn is the catalyst


2016 will be the year of increase.

SAMC Board Member


Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for SMAC's programs nationwide by building local community involvement and investment for long-term impact. We want to serve as a catalyst and advocate for transformational initiatives on equality, diversity and culture in the San Antonio area and beyond.


As a member of this non-profit board, the board member will help lead and execute fundraising activities, including researching, identifying, and approaching potential donors and sponsors, maintaining a list of donations and contacts and collaborating with event chairs to solicit event sponsorships.


What is important to the board members?


Dr. James Wilcox, Jr.

"I once weighed 300 lbs or more, 'But look at me now"!



A man of this magnitude does not suddenly appear out of the thin air and have great success. Dr. James Wilcox, Jr. has an impeccable track record and academic background which places him in position for many opportunities for this choir and all those involved.  Longevity is the goal for this choir.  Being in good health has many benefits. Looking good is always a plus. ministering from venue to venue


The result is a solid foundation of believers who have come from all walks of life who are determined to follow the leadership of a man who's vision is big enough for God to get involved.  Already people have told their testimony of how God has used this ministry to reconcile their relationship with Christ, given them the church home they have been missing and how this ministry has become an incubator for developing their God given gifts.




Rehearsal has taken on a new meaning with the San Antonio Mass Choir. Often times we have seen the manifestation of the Holy Ghost in ways that prove Christ is our healer, our deliverer, our confidant, our redeemer and most importantly our Lord and Saviour.




God has said it is good and pleasant when we dwell together in unity. And one of the most hard earned and sought after Christian state for us to be in is UNITY. We believe unity can be accomplished and maintained at high levels though selfless, meaningful and others before ourselves attitudes.



We believe if you are going to do anything worth your time, you must do it to the best of your ability. Now imagine if you will, getting everyone to do their best at all times. The result is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.



To hear someone sing your favorite song in another language or to sing along side a member who worships God with amazing cultural differences than you or to enjoy a praise song with someone who is triple your age is the ultimate experience in the field of diversity.



God has given us the Holy Spirit in order that we might remain teachable. The kingdom of God is where we are taught God's principals, statutes, laws, precepts, commands, judgments, and His ways. We believe as long as one remains teachable they can gain the understanding needed to grasp all that God wants to teach and reveal to us. Including the songs taught in rehearsal.


Good Business

In todays society we are certain that nothing last forever.  So when we are offered a great business opportunity, we take full advantage of the



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