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Basic Responsibilities of all section leaders:



1. Model excellent behavior and attitude in and out of choir at all times.


2. Demonstrate continued musical excellence and growth


3. Maintain rehearsal focus and assist their fellow choir members in their musical development


4. Ensure that all singers in their section have music, a pencil, and are standing/sitting in their assigned place.


5. Communicate directly with Dr. Wilcox or Sherilyn Ware regarding any behavioral or inter-relational issues with the choir.


6. Attend and help market all social events for their choir(s).


7. Other duties as assigned





Joseph Dorsey

Tenor Section Leader

Duty to all people


I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. Phil. 4:13

Having served this country in our military service, Mr. Dorsey is proud to have taken those skills and developed many individuals into leaders themselves. Strength is the one character trait Mr. Dorsey will stop recognize in others right away



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Dorothy Haynes

Alto's Section Leader

Lead with passion


A CSI ministry team participant. Dorothy is committed to several projects within the SAMC organization and would like to assist anyone who come to her for help. She has recently brought her husband along with her in her to help in the media department.



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D'Adre Miller

Head Musician

itz me Baby DEE


"The lord is my shepard, he knows what I want. "The lord is my shepard, he knows what I want. "I can dance with you, hold my mule."  "Im not fat, Im Fluffy" "im the HBIC in here" D'Andre also serves on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Mass Choir. Here recent assignment places her in position to better serve by using her education along side her gift.


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Joyce Blackwell-Reed

Soprano Section Leader

Follow til you can't follow no more


A Christian woman that loves the Lord and his music!

Joyce has served as choir director before and has modeled a great passion for singing and teaching others the art of producing great music.  Joyce serves on other committees and is willing to share her experience with others.

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Monica Moore


Cold hands but a warm heart!!!


Even the longest journey begins with a single step.  Understand that the past does not equal the future.  Sometimes, bad thoughts cloud your mind but it's not your fault! Evaluate your friends, family, and the people around you, and avoid people that make you feel negative or unhappy.




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Manu Parker

Internal Customer Care

Loving this chapter of my life!


    It seemed like a good idea at the time . . .Manu serves on the San Antonio Mass Choir with lots of experience working with people. She is a licensed and ordained minister and is willing to help any way she can.


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Darrel Collins

 Music Director

So many, just can't settle for one!


One More Time; I have to Declare Again: Today... Is a Day of many transitions and one must be able to withstand the temptations that could beset you and I!  You have to know me to know about me!



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Anna Jaurez

Community Outreach


If You Love Something Set It Free!


    I just want to live life to the fullest! First God then family and the heck with everyone else!  Anna brings a great deal of experience to the table and she is open to all who would seek her out for help. Her outreach ministry is new with SAMC and she is eager to learn more about the needs in the community.

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Choir Special Announcements




Weekly rehearsal will be held at:

 The "Exciting" West End Baptist Church


Unless publicized by one of the San Antonio Mass Choir's Officers, we will regularly meet at the usual spot for weekly rehearsals. Here is where monthly dues, choir business, event bookings, interpersonal issues, marketing and leadership responsibilities will be discussed. If you have any blogging ideas that will stimulate the minds of the marketing team, please be sure to share them here.  Taking the time to truly evaluate  the ministry team  is greatly  appreciated.



Why Blog?  - Why Care? - Why Talk About It?


BLOG - write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) The San Antonio Mass Choir is a very unique organization. We hold everyone and everyone's holy thoughts in high regards. Because we are open to the public, SAMC desires to hear what the public has to say. We want nothing more than to give God's people what they are asking for. You set the tone! That's right, whatever you show the people you are interested in they will in return tell you what they like or dislike about your ideas. This normally always lead to intelligent conversation. Sending - receiving - and feedback are the three elements to proper communication. Let us begin the dialog.  Here's how - Go to Facebook and start sharing your daily concerns and song choices with everyone. This is sure to get the fire going. Thank you

News Alert!!!


Here is where you will find any special announcements that either can not wait to be posted anywhere else or news that needed to be shared with members only. If it is for members only, you will be informed of the need to keep such information confidential and  private amongst ourselves.


We respect the privacy of all our members and will not participate in  sharing any amount of news that has not been authorized by the source of that information.


Some announcements will be posted here that will save the day for members who did not hear it anywhere else. Hopefully  we can build a trusting relationship with each other by committing ourselves to  share what is very SPECIAL to us all.

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