Personnel  increase is our priority for the year of 2016

More Than Just Singing

Sherilyn Ware - Chief Operating Officer

The San Antonio Mass Choir is more than just a choir that sings. We are interested in developing individuals who have an interest in the business aspects of this choir. We do not require you to have a whole lot of experience if any at all. We are willing to train you on a one on one basis and even as a group. Here is a short video of some of the things we do as a recruitment team.



The San Antonio Mass Choir has assembled a unique archive of really good gospel music. Not only has the music been a valuable tool to minister the gospel to many others, we have built a small media gallery for you as well. Our media department has collaborated with our web designer and came up with this easy to use interface so you can enjoy the SAMC choir any time you want. Please feel free to share, comment via email or social media.


Fortunately for you and us we have recorded our local events using a high resolution video camera in order to give you the best viewing experience  possible.


Click on the RED BUTTON and follow us over to our YouTube Channel.




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These memorable images will forever be etched in our minds and hearts as we continue to pursue excellence in ministry. You can witness the joy of the Lord upon their faces as the photographer snapped each image. Nothing was rehearsed or modeled to represent any imagined happiness and we were just as excited as they were the whole night long. Don't forget to take your Red Carpet Photo the next SAMC event and make history with us every time.



"He did it before, He will do it again"

Favorite Words

SHERILYN ALLEN - WARE         Chief Operating Officer

The San Antonio Mass Choir is on course with destiny. We have seen miraculous possibilities become the norm. People are walking into their purpose and the music is uniting individuals across the city. As we approach our first year of service we are eager to plan out a celebratory event that will propel us into the next dimension of gospel music ministry.


Truly we have come into a season of jubilee where we can easily sense the freedom that one has in Jesus Christ. Sitting in on one of our concerts is a sure fire way to experience God in a way we believe will result in new freedom and a deeper relationship. The Bible declares, "Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty". Every verse in the Bible is inspired by God and therefore we can deduce that God Himself wants us to believe every word that proceeds out of His mouth. The San Antonio Mass Choir rehearse many gospel songs weekly in order to lift up Jesus and Glorify God the Father. Follow us here and on social media to keep up with all God has called and enabled us to do. Surely you will encounter the freedom He has given us.

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