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Dr. James Wilcox, Jr. Biography


A Summary of our Leader


While others are talking about diversity, we are living it!


Dr. James Wilcox, Jr. moved to San Antonio with his work career in mind.  Soon after, he heard from God to start a community choir made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, denominations, race and religious beliefs.  There were several nearby cities with prominent business and ministerial opportunities but Wilcox was sure he heard God tell him to stay in San Antonio. On April 4, 2015 the San Antonio Mass Choir held its first open rehearsal and the rest they say is HISTORY.


A man of this magnitude does not suddenly appear out of the thin air and have great success. Dr. James Wilcox, Jr. has an impeccable track record and academic background which places him in position for many opportunities for this choir and all those involved.


The result is a solid foundation of believers who have come from all walks of life who are determined to follow the leadership of a man who's vision is big enough for God to get involved.  Already people have told their testimony of how God has used this ministry to reconcile their relationship with Christ, given them the church home they have been missing and how this ministry has become an incubator for developing their God given gifts.


Rehearsal has taken on a new meaning with the San Antonio Mass Choir. Often times we have seen the manifestation of the Holy Ghost in ways that prove Christ is our healer, our deliverer, our confidant, our redeemer and most importantly our Lord and Saviour.


A Promise From the Director

Founder and Director of the San Antonio Mass Choir

"I will not leave San Antonio until God says it's time."


San Antonio Mass Choir’s vision is to grow spiritually and physically, while becoming a premiere gospel choir focused on ministry and musical excellence. Dr. Wilcox is known for his ability to focus on the task at hand and not become distracted by other things. Members of the choir often witness the God given ability to teach, listen and direct the choir, all while making sure we stay on schedule with learning the material.


Many people have likened the fellowship of the choir to that of their own local church. It is remarkable how the spirit of God brings everyone into a  common union. Rehearsal has become more than anyone ever expected. Tuesday's rehearsal is holy and it packs a mean punch. We pray our strength in the Lord is kept as long as God allows us to have Dr. Wilcox as the Director of the San Antonio Mass Choir.

San Antonio Mass Choir Inaugural Theme


101 Hub Ave, San Antonio, TX 78220

Every Tuesday @ 7:00 pm


The San Antonio Mass Choir is made up of many members from diverse backgrounds and denominations with one common purpose. - to praise and worship the Lord with music and song. Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm the San Antonio Mass Choir can be heard preparing songs for seasonal productions and community outreach. The rehearsals are open to the public to sit and listen to the melodious sounds of this spirit filled choir under the direction of Dr. James Wilcox, Jr. The rehearsals are intense but the members leave with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The choir is accompanied by talented and skilled musicians that perform with passion to ensure a quality sound.

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San Antonio Mass Choir    PO Box 17686  San Antonio, TX 78217